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Pink Piggy Night Light Cute LED

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The "Pink Piggy Night Light Cute LED" is a charming and adorable lighting accessory designed to provide a soft, comforting glow during nighttime. Shaped like a cute pink piggy, this LED night light adds a playful touch to any room decor, especially children's bedrooms or nurseries. With its gentle illumination, it creates a cozy atmosphere ideal for bedtime routines or as a calming presence during the dark hours. This night light not only serves a practical purpose by aiding visibility in the dark but also doubles as a delightful decorative accent, adding a whimsical flair to any space.
Product Name: Pig silicone lamp

Specification:Touch light

Rated Power:1W

Battery Capacity:1200mAh


Product Size:12.4*11.7*7.1cm

Package includes:

1 X Night Light

1 X Usb Cable

1 X User Manua


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